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Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

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Q - Should I tell my child that she has ADHD?
A - Yes, your child may sense something or experience difficulties with friendships, school performance, getting things done etc. Understanding the symptoms of ADHD helps implement strategies for your child to use. Reading a story book together about ADHD may help you explain and talk about it together.
Q - My child been diagnosed with ADHD and we are working with him at home and at school but my parents are “not on board” and it’s causing friction in our lives. What can we do?
A - Speak with your parents about ADHD, invite them to learn more by providing them with information or invite them to a PANDA conference. Ask them for their support and let them know how important it is to you that we all work together to help your child.
Q - My child has many of the ADHD symptoms and I am wondering if ADHD may be the reason for the challenges we are facing at home and at school, what should we do?
A - Speak with your paediatrician or family doctor about your child and your observations, explain your concerns. Ask your Doctor if he or she has knowledge about the symptoms of Attention Deficit With or without hyperactivity Disorder. Not all doctors have an understanding of ADHD. Your Doctor can refer you for an assessment that is administered by a psychiatrist. This assessment gathers information from you the parent, the school and other people who intervene with your child. The assessment will provide you and your doctor with the diagnoses.

In addition check out our resources listed on this site for hospitals that provide assessments.