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Our History

In 1992 a study was conducted by two intervention workers from the CLSC Jean-Olivier Chenier at the elementary school level.  The study concluded that a large amount of children that were being referred for services from the school or by parents displayed symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder.

In 1993 in response to this need, a series of three francophone information evenings about ADHD were provided to parents and school intervention workers to support them.

In the spring of 1995, under the mandate of the CLSC, a Social worker wanted to offer parents an opportunity to gather together and form a service to support parents. On the second parent meeting, a parent suggested they become a PANDA.  Three parents and the social worker began working on the project at hand.

In 1997 it was recognized that there was no available English resource in our area for parents of children with Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity and no time in the current system to really support and aid them. A request was made to join the Francophone chapter and thus creating an Anglophone chapter. Parent support groups were started in English and meetings were held on a monthly basis to provide parents with a forum to learn new strategies, exchange ideas and support one another.  Volunteers like Louise Laurin, from Mountainview School were instrumental in setting up the monthly parent meetings in English. Courses and workshops were provided in addressing the needs of the families. 

In 1999, PANDA BLSO became incorporated, Leslie Harris, Valerie Glover-Drolet and Louise Laurin signed the papers for the English chapter to incorporate and serve as part of the first interim Board of Directors. This was the start of the first unique bilingual Panda board of Directors.

Today, our Board of Directors has a composition of three Francophone and three Anglophone seats with resource personnel, a General Coordinator and an Anglophone Coordinator.