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I simply wanted to say Thank you!

I attended an info session given by PANDA back on Sept.28th presented by Peter Gantous, M.A., Clinical Psychologist. Since then, I have started the evaluation process for my daughter and yesterday was our first session with the clinical psychologist. Thanks to the info session, I was able to understand the information that was being presented to me and ask questions etc… It really gave me a base to take in the info and not feel overwhelmed by the detail and questions etc…so for that I thank you deeply. I thank you for the information, for the positive energy and for the encouragement. Dr Peter Gantous was an exceptional speaker and was able to take a difficult, emotional subject and make it simple and understandable….and was even able to add humour to it all LOL! Bravo! I thank you and greatly appreciate you giving your time to better inform parents and give them the tools they need to face this challenge!

I wish PANDA much continued success and look forward to attending more information sessions to help me along this journey!

Thank you Panda (Mrs. Lisa Agombar, Mrs Lisa Rankin)

This is a letter which I thought about writing for some time now, and I decided that I had better not pass up the opportunity to say how fortunate we have been for our two sons who have received support from the 4Korners Family Resource Center.

For two years, both our sons have participated in the PANDA “Reading Detectives” program, which is supported by Mrs. Lisa Agombar, the great efforts of teacher, Mrs. Lisa Rankin and others. I wanted to validate their commitment, which they have made in keeping the program up and running. It has made a definite impact on both our boys.

Not only are they feeling more confident in reading, they also have developed a habit in bringing books with them when they are traveling by car or sitting alone, quiet at home. Looking back at the time and effort everyone has invested getting up Saturday mornings this winter in the double digit freezing cold, there were days when I’m sure others as well as ourselves, wished they could just sleep in. However, we knew that it was an investment for their benefit and I know I would do it all over again.

That is how much I appreciate what the PANDA program has instilled in the boys. They also enjoy the fun ways they learned such as the cooking, and reading recipes. Some mornings we arrived to pick them up and they had made muffins or cookies. They enjoyed the drawing, the games and much more. The boys did look forward to going to PANDA.

Another very important part is the friends they have made. Thanks PANDA for all the great help and the support; I hope every other child who struggles with reading can benefit like my children have. Please continue on, because you have made a remarkable difference. Perhaps you may not realize how much, but you have.

This letter of thanks is directed to all who help make the program run, please accept our sincere gratitude.

Norman Wright and Mary Hannaburg

This letter was published in Community Connections - Volume 10, Issue 3, June 2009.

A Parent Description of impulsive behaviour;

Parents of an ADHD child know how impulsive they are. My son, now pre-adolescent, is no different than yours. Two years ago he did something he shouldn’t have done because he was dared to by a group of kids. The funny part of it is, he took pictures with his cell phone not thinking we would look at them. We were angry and disappointed with him. But now, with time, I see it’s getting better.

A few words and actions showing them appraisal go along way. Although sometimes frustrating for us, as parents, we have to pause for a moment and think of how they must feel. It is a learning experience for all of us.


What it’s like living with a child who has ADHD;

What pop’s into my head is worry and chronic anxiety. All I see sometimes is the future. It doesn’t help when a lot of the literature tells us that children with ADHD have many problems such as substance abuse, difficulty holding jobs, relationships and ON and ON it goes...

I have found myself even telling my son how he should prepare for the future. Sometimes he looks at me funny!!!