Look familiar to you?  
  • Do you get easily distracted from tasks? Unless it’s something you truly enjoy!

  • Challenged with getting organized at home or work?

  • Make careless mistakes due to inattention?

  • Frequently daydreaming when attention is needed?

  • Put off what can be done today until tomorrow?

  • Do you have an excessive amount of energy?

  • Are you easily agitated, sad, quick-tempered...?

Have you answered yes too many of these questions?


It is possible that you or someone you know has ADHD...

You are at the right place, a resource that is here to help you with gathering more information and an understanding of ADHD in a friendly and supportive manner.



In order to be able to provide services despite the pandemic, we have changed our ways of doing things:

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: You must now purchase your annual membership by contacting us at info@pandablso.ca.

CONFERENCES: Conference will be given online until further notice. Always consult the activity section. A reservation is now required.

WEARING A FACE COVERING IS MANDATORY: For all on-site activities (10 years and older)

2020-2021 PROGRAM

Conferences and workshops Various topics will be presented such as basic information about ADHD, school-related issues, medications, oppositional behaviors and more.

Register before 1 p.m., on the day of the conference. Otherwise, the place won’t be secured.
For more information, click here.

Reading Detectives Fall Session 
A unique and successful literacy skills program intended for children who are presently in Grade 3 to 4 and who need to improve their reading level, the program promotes literacy and social skills in a fun and interactive way. Through games, arts, cooking and other special activities, the Reading Detectives program is designed to provide many benefits in children:

 Improving their reading level in a fun and interactive way

 Building their confidence and self-esteem with a positive teaching approach

Increasing their motivation to read through a fun and accepting environment

Improving their social skills and giving them a sense of belonging within a group

No places available - Waiting list

Information at mjtrudel@pandablso.ca

PANDA - Who are we?

PANDA BLSO (People Apt at Negotiating Deficits of Attention – Basses Laurentides Sud-Ouest) is a non profit community organization that developed an English chapter in 1997.  For more information on the history...

PANDA was created to respond to the needs of parents living with children with Attention Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder in the region.  Over the years PANDA has expanded its services to include information about ADHD over the lifespan in adolescence and adults with symptoms.

Our philosophy is to provide a safe and non-judgemental service with support and information to anyone who is living with the challenges associated with inattention, impulsivity and or hyperactivity with or without a diagnosis.  Our priority is to offer strategies to help reach ones full potential.

PANDA BLSO is a member of the “Regroupement des Associations PANDA du Quebec.”

Main objectives of the Association: 

1. To help people develop a better understanding of Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity.

2. To exchange concrete ideas and strategies on how to live with symptoms of ADHD.

3. To provide people with an opportunity to share their experiences with one another.

4. To sensitize and inform the community about ADHD.

5. To support the all partners involved in the project in working together. (Parents, School setting, CSSS...)

6. To identify and improve the existing resources.

The different Services we offer:

  • Adult monthly Conference and exchange evenings
  • Telephone support and referral
  • Library of information
  • A literacy skills program for children in grades 3 and 4 with symptoms of ADHD
  • Focused projects to support children/youth/families in promoting quality of life
  • A parenting support group
  • Planned family outings
  • Representation on different committees and community partnerships
  • Consultation and support  for parents, community, schools and associations.
  • A bi-monthly article in the Community Connections paper.

Become a member!

Come out and join us at one of our conference-exchange evenings (under "ACTIVITIES") and sign up!
Or contact us at 514-713-5353. 

Purchasing a membership is confidential, supports the organization to carry out its mission and provides you with access to our services.  A membership card is valid for a year and costs $10.00 for an individual card or for a family card.


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